Zycoo UC510 IP Office for SOHO All in one Router / IPPBX / Wireless Access Point is now in stock

We are pleased to announce that the Zycoo UC510 All in one Router / IPPBX / Wireless Access Point is now in stock and can be found here.

The Zycoo UC510 is designed as an IP Office for SOHOs (Small Office and Home Offices). This new solution offers not only a Wi-Fi router, supporting external ADSL, VPN Client/Server, VLAN… but is also a fully featured IP PBX that can host up to 10 extensions with 2 analogue ports connected (PSTN line (FXO) / analogue phone (FXS)), and supports call forward, call recording, blind/attendant transfer, conference and a host of other powerful features.

UC510 is configured and managed through a single web GUI which significantly reduces the time and effort required to install the product. This simplified management and reduction in hardware costs through merging two products into one makes the UC510 an amazing and cost effective solution for SOHOs.

An overview of the product can be seen through the video below

Further details can be found here

ip office for soho


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Zycoo Release Firmware 1.1.0 for U20 and U50 Coovox IPPBX


Zycoo has released firmware version 1.1.0 for their U20 and U50 Coovox IPPBX. The firmware is a combination of fixes and new features. Firmware can be downloaded from the Zycoo website.

Details of the release for both models are similar and full list of changes for the U20 can be seen below:

Read Before Upgrade:

  • This patch is only intended for upgrading to CooVox-U20 V1.1.0. Please check details of this release and decide if it is necessary to upgrade your system.
  • CooVox series firmware releases are not cumulative and therefore CooVox must be operating from the previous firmware release e.g. V1.0.5 Patch 2 before upgrading to V1.1.0.
  • A Configuration file is not included in the upgrade so you are not required to backup your configuration before upgrading. If a previous version of backup file is restored after upgrade, it will lead to abnormal GUI functionality. You should however create a new backup file once you have upgraded to V1.1.0.
  • Clear your browser cache to display the firmware version correctly.

Background Fixed:
1. When flash storage exceeds the defined value, it will be uploaded automatically.
2. Adjusted the maximum silence time to 10s in voicemail.If no voice is detected within 10 seconds then it will be considered to be an invalid voicemail.
3. Fixed audio codec configuration problem in IAX2 protocol.
4. Define the Caller Name as Null when incoming call originates from analog port.
5. Allow the wildcard character to be used in DOD number in the DOD Settings page.
6. Adjusted the number of call logs to save a maximum of 20000 call logs.
7. Fixed a problem where the reboot operation from GUI will fail after restoring a backup configuration that has a different password to the current system password.
8. Fixed a problem preventing auto-detected fax’s being forwarded to an extension from an analog line.
9. Adjusted callback function so incoming calls will be hung up before the line answers(Except PSTN line).
10. Modification of driver:
1) Support special character”* + #” in GSM dial number;
2) GSM module can refresh strength of GSM signal automatically.
11. Fixed a bug where caller ID of recording file is changed to Unknown on the phone in blind transfer.
12. Fixed a BLF problem for analog extension.

GUI Fixed:
13. Fixed a rewriting problem in “Network Settings”, “IPv6 Settings” and “VLAN Settings” pages.
14. Allow an administrator to enable and configure the call forward prompt on Call Forward page (Administrator GUI).
15. Strengthen the recovery function of backup files.It is now possible to choose recovery PBX or network settings when restoring a backup.
16. Adjusted record list to reverse order. The new generated file will be displayed at the top.
17. On the VoIP Trunks page, Auto Fax Detection can now be configured even without authentication.
18. Adjusted the language options to be synchronized with system language in VoIP trunk settings.
19. Removed links to trunk settings on the Operator page.
20. Adjusted the Smart DID page to not allow deletion of the rule when only one smart DID rule remains.
21. Fixed a problem where“$” cannot be used in login password.
22. Resolve a display problem on firewall configuration page with Arabic and Persian language.
23. Adjusted VoIP trunk settings so username and certification name can bea maximum of 64 digits.
24. Modified the Auto Provision function to allow renewal of configuration content for Yealink devices;

GUI Added:
25. Added “call duration” on “Record List” page (Administrator & Extension User GUI).
26. Added Russian language option in the GUI.
27. Added “Timeout” on IVR page(The maximuminterval time for prompt playback).
28. Added the extension number in destination ID field and also the ring-group or queue the extension is associated with on Call Logs page. E.g.: Extension 806 which belongs to ring-group 640 receives a call from caller 801.

update to firmware 1.1.0

29. Added DST(daylight saving time) to Tehran Time.
30. Added the option “Keep the current network settings” when reset to factory default.
31. Added the option “Ring Timeout” in Global Analog Settings page, which is used to define the time to hang up the call when there isn’t a ring signal before the FXO answers.
32. Added the option “Enable Attended Transfer Caller ID” in Options page. Once enabled, the
Caller ID will be sent to the transferred destination when transferring the call.
33. Added more brands to Auto Provision:
1) Support auto-provision of Cisco IP Phone SPA303 (TFTP(DHCP Option66) only, DOES NOT support PnP);
2) Support auto provision of MOCET IP Phone IP3032E (Default is PnP, also support TFTP(DHCP Option66));
3) Support auto provision of Hanlong IP Phone UC860P, UC842, UC802P, UC840P, UC804P, UC806P (Default is PnP, also support TFTP(DHCP Option66)).

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Zycoo Release Firmware Version 1.0.5 Patch 2 for U20 and U50 CooVox Series IPPBX


Zycoo has today released firmware version 1.0.5 Patch 2 for their U20 and U50 CooVox Series IPPBX systems. Patch 2 is a combination of new features and bug fixes. If you are using BRI and/or IAX protocol then this release fixes some memory leak issues identified by a number of customers so is worth applying for this alone.

Added features include:

  • 1. Wider language support
  • 2. Support Auto-Provision feature for Akuvox and Escene phones.
  • 3. Added search method based on caller/callee number on record list page.
  • 4. Recording list can be paged.
  • 5. Group members’ extensions in ring group can be configured as the “Ring group number”
  • 6. System will remind “whether to delete the recording files” when deleting the monitored extension from Call Recording page
  • 7. Added fax list page for both admin and extension user web GUI.
  • 8. Added PPI(P-Preferred-Identity) in outbound SIP signaling; it is one way of the outbound callerid of sip trunk
  • 9. Added tcpdump command for capturing packet
  • 10. Added macros in Custom options of PNP function, ${MAC} = MAC address

A full list of changes and additions can be found here

Patch 2 can be downloaded from Zycoo Website here

Firmware notes – This patch is for upgrade CooVox-U20, U50 V1.0.5 only. If your firmware version is lower than V1.0.5, please upgrade it first to V1.0.5 patch 1 level and clear the browser cache to display the firmware version correctly.

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Firmware Version 1.0.5 Patch 1 available for Zycoo CooVox Series Hybrid IPPBX


Firmware Version 1.0.5 Patch 1 for the CooVox range is available for download from the Zycoo Website. The patch is mainly bug fixtures but their are a few new features as well. One being the ability to select ‘allow guest’ from within the GUI. This was a feature which we had requested as many UK Sip providers send inbound unauthenticated calls from various different ip addresses which results in the pbx dropping the calls as unauthorised.

Your CooVox unit needs to be at firmware 1.0.5 before the patch can be applied. Full details of the release is detailed below:

Background Fixed

(1)    PNP force close
(2)    Corresponding directory will be added in the background automatically when upgrading through web or uploading extension user’s
(3)    Pickup specified extension feature error
(4)    Pinset error in DialRule
(5)    Email protocol format that Email to FAX supports

Background Added

(6)    Follow  me  and  call  forward  configuration  are  automatically deleted  when deleting the extension
(7)    Static route setting of virtual interface address
(8)    Batch upload & download for Callgroup and pickupgroup on User Extentions page

GUI Fixed

(9)    “Pickup group” changed as manual input for more group numbers
(10)    Voice mail function cannot be modified

GUI Added

(11)    French system language
(12)    Spanish system language
(13)    Options for more local network configuration settingts in global SIP configuration
(14)    “Allow Guest” option in global SIP variables


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Firmware Release 1.0.5 for Zycoo CooVox Series


Zycoo has released version 1.0.5 firmware for their CooVox Series of business phone systems which is now available for download from Zycoo’s website. The firmware is free and is an accumulation of bug fixes but also includes some nice new features as well.

One enhancement that is welcome for our UK and European customers is the ability to select P2P and P2MP from the GUI for customers with BRI lines. Previously these changes needed to be made in the underlying configuration files.

Another new feature that we really like is the ability to set time rules on outbound calls. This a great security feature as most toll fraud tends to happen in the early hours of the morning so the ability to restrict calls during these times is a great feature to have. The image below shows how this feature has been implemented.

timelines on coovox

The upgrade process is detailed below

The update has two files and both must be updated using TFTP (we use the free tftpbood.exe) Also use firefox to access the GUI.

Both files have to renamed to uImage-md5.u20 to upload (you will of course need to put them in separate folders as they are called the same name)

  • Upload file one first
  • System will reboot
  • Upload second file
  • System will reboot

Log into GUI and refresh browser and it should say version 1.0.5 on home page.

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Atcom Prepares for the Release of the Rainbow Series IP Phones

rainbow 1

Atcom has now produced samples of their new phone range with the first production run expected at the end of March 2014. Originally branded as the AT900 series, the new line up has adopted the name Rainbow series.

The first two models to appear will be the Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 2.

Rainbow 2 pictured below is the entry level model and supports 1 x SIP account, has power over ethernet functionality and can be Desk or wall mounted. A 1S version will follow shortly which has Gigabit ethernet connectivity.



The Rainbow 2 pictured below is the second model in the series and adds support for 4 SIP accounts and again will soon be accompanied by a Gigabit ethernet 2S version.



All in all, the Rainbow Series is visually a massive improvement over the current AT800 series and we are looking forward to putting the product through some rigourous testing. We are even more excited to see the colour versions within the series, namely the Rainbow 3 and Rainbow 4 when they are released. Watch this space.

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Atcom Release Version 3.0 Firmware for Atcom Series IPPBX

atcom logo

Atcom has released version 3.0 firmware for their IP0x series IPPBX’s. The firmware is available for download on Atcom’s website.

Details of the release is:

1. FaxToEmail ( only IP01/02 support currently).
2. IAX2 Protocol
3. Enhanced auto provisioning for PhoneBook , Firmware, Ringtone.
4. Customized Dialplan.
5. Supports tcpdump diagnostic tool
6. Automatic CallRecord
7. Compatible backup data with different FW version

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New Atcom AT9xx IP Phone First Look

rainbow 1


Atcom has released the first pictures of the new AT9xx range of IP Phones. We are expecting the first models from this range to be available early next year.

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PIKA µFirewall VoIP Firewall Important Notice – Firewall Update Firmware (

pika logo

An issue has been identified with the VoIP firewall (running firmware version or earlier) in which certain conditions cause the blocking of all traffic with the LEDs on the unit remaining green or in even more rare scenarios delayed packets.

We recommend all firewalls be updated to the new firmware below – version . The upgrade procedure is performed with the insertion of a FAT formatted USB memory key and requires physical access to the VoIP firewall. The upgrade procedure can be found below.

µFirewall Firmware Upgrade Procedure:

Upgrade of the firmware is manually updated with a copy of the firmware on a USB stick. The firmware can be downloaded from the following link – uFirewall Firmware Update

Copy this firmware file to the root folder of a USB stick (FAT formatted). Power on the µFirewall and wait until all the green LEDs light up. Now stick the USB key into the free USB port on the device. The upgrade can take some time so please be patient.

The lights will blink when the USB is inserted. After approximately 2 minutes, the lights will go dark as the unit reboots and then the lights will light back up again. You should leave the USB key in the µFirewall at this point. After approximately 30 seconds you should see the RED/GREEN LEDs blink back and forth to confirm the upgrade is completed. Once the LEDs go all GREEN again, you can remove the USB key. A demonstration of this upgrade procedure can be seen on the PIKA Technologies YouTube channel.

To confirm the upgrade was successful you can confirm the version in the collected log files on the USB key. The version string in the ‘uWARP/logfiles/uwarp-version.txt’ file on the USB key should contain: “BUILD_VERSION =”


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Zycoo CooVox IPPBX System



Introducing the new CooVox range of IPPBX systems from Zycoo. This advanced hybrid IPPBX system is designed for businesses of 1 to 500 extensions and offers advanced features including, call recording, fax to email and conference rooms. There are no licensing restrictions or costs associated with the CooVox range and you only pay the initial unit cost. Upgrades to the system can be downloaded free of charge from the Zycoo website. CooVox is available in three models…..U20 is a mini PBX and has optional support for UMTS 3G connectivity…..U50 is the mid range system and supports up to 100 extensions….U100 supports up to 500 extension and like the U50 is modular in design, enabling you to select the modules you require (FXO / FXS / GSM/ BRI / PRI)

Prices start from an amazing £158 plus VAT! Click here to view the full range


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