Atcom Announces Integration Between IP0x PBX Series and Skype

Atcom announced that they have completed compatibility testing on their IP0x series PBX with Skype connect, a product aimed at connecting PBX systems with the Skype community.

The announcement is detailed below:

It is my pleasure to inform you that ATCOM recently completed compatibility testing between ATCOM IP-PBX (IP-01, IP-02, IP-04, IP-08, IP-4G, IP-4B) and Skype.

Skype is one of the most popular IM tools in use today. Integration of Skype to the enterprise IP-PBX system will reduce the communication cost between headquarters and branches and provide a more convenient and better user experience to customers.

  • Compatible Features of IP-PBX with Skype:
  • Make calls to PSTN via Skype account
  • Receive incoming PSTN calls from Skype
  • Receive incoming calls from other Skype users

Configuration details can be found here –

Configuring Skype Gateway on Atcom

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