Atcom Prepares for the Release of the Rainbow Series IP Phones

Atcom has now produced samples of their new phone range with the first production run expected at the end of March 2014. Originally branded as the AT900 series, the new line up has adopted the name Rainbow series.

The first two models to appear will be the Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 2.

Rainbow 2 pictured below is the entry level model and supports 1 x SIP account, has power over ethernet functionality and can be Desk or wall mounted. A 1S version will follow shortly which has Gigabit ethernet connectivity.



The Rainbow 2 pictured below is the second model in the series and adds support for 4 SIP accounts and again will soon be accompanied by a Gigabit ethernet 2S version.



All in all, the Rainbow Series is visually a massive improvement over the current AT800 series and we are looking forward to putting the product through some rigourous testing. We are even more excited to see the colour versions within the series, namely the Rainbow 3 and Rainbow 4 when they are released. Watch this space.