Draytek 2820 Firmware Release

A new version of firmware ( for the Draytek 2820 adsl router has been released. It seems to have resolved some stability issues with VoIP that we had noticed, especially the random dropping of SIP registration to remote servers. Details of the release are:



Release Notes for Vigor2820 series Firmware Version : (Release) Release Date : 3rd May 2011 Build Date : 7th Apr 2011 Applicable Models : Vigor2820, Vigor2820n, Vigor2820Vn, Vigor2820Vsn ADSL Modem Code : 232201 (Standard) Locale : UK Only / Annex A Only (inc UK Annex M)



NOTE: ADSL Modem Codes
For general purpose usage on UK lines, modem code 232201 is recommened
For ADSL2+ Annex M lines, the latest modem code, 2471201 is suggested
For line speeds of less than 4Mbps, on lower quality lines a modem code with more conservative paramaters, 211801 is suggested

NOTE: 3G modems
3G Modems listed here indicate drivers have been added but does not confirm compatibility with UK Operators. For the list of officially supported models please see the Vigor2820 specification page http://www.draytek.co.uk/products/vigor2820.html

[New Features]

1.  SMTP port can be modified by the user
2.  Support TR-069 parameters for matching with VigorACS SI
3.  Support APP QoS for Firewall
4.  USB Analogue Modem Support

[Improvements and Corrections]

1.  IPSec remote dial-in can be connected even no IPSec profile is enabled.
2.  Resolved an issue where the Access list wuld block access to Web UI via remote VPN.

3.  Resolved NAT loopback problem.

For VoIP
4.  Resolved VoIP stability issues.
5.  Improved Online Status for VoIP.
6.  Corrected an issue where the fax relay did not receive all of the data from the caller.
7.  Added a new telnet command to disable/enable VoIP service.

8.  Resolved one way audio issue for “call pickup” scenario with VigorIPPBX router.
9.  Solved issue where the first character of the incoming call was missing
10. Resolved issue where router would reboot if ISDN2-S0 phone is used to dial “call pick up” number

For Others
11. Port Trigger renamed as Port Triggering.

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