Firmware Release 1.0.5 for Zycoo CooVox Series

Zycoo has released version 1.0.5 firmware for their CooVox Series of business phone systems which is now available for download from Zycoo’s website. The firmware is free and is an accumulation of bug fixes but also includes some nice new features as well.

One enhancement that is welcome for our UK and European customers is the ability to select P2P and P2MP from the GUI for customers with BRI lines. Previously these changes needed to be made in the underlying configuration files.

Another new feature that we really like is the ability to set time rules on outbound calls. This a great security feature as most toll fraud tends to happen in the early hours of the morning so the ability to restrict calls during these times is a great feature to have. The image below shows how this feature has been implemented.

timelines on coovox

The upgrade process is detailed below

The update has two files and both must be updated using TFTP (we use the free tftpbood.exe) Also use firefox to access the GUI.

Both files have to renamed to uImage-md5.u20 to upload (you will of course need to put them in separate folders as they are called the same name)

  • Upload file one first
  • System will reboot
  • Upload second file
  • System will reboot

Log into GUI and refresh browser and it should say version 1.0.5 on home page.