Firmware update for Zycoo ZX-20 and ZX-50 Series IPPBX

Zycoo has released a minor firmware update for the ZX Series IPPBX systems. The firmware adds new features to prevent some types of Denial of Service attacks, and although this doesn’t negate the need to protect your PBX with a decent firewall, it does offer a better experience for unprotected systems.

Details of the firmware release are:

Firmware Version:V.3.2.2—->V.3.2.3 [ZX50 Series] – V.1.2.2—->V.1.2.3 [ ZX20 Series]

  • Added settings for access rights to web from WAN port or SSH.
  • Fixed IE10 compatibility issue when updating GUI.
  • Added “Dial by Name” to  IVR
  • Fixed issue where conference recordings cannot be queried
  • Added the option “Send Caller ID After” to the “Global Analog Settings” page
  • Added functionality to prevent illegal SIP Invite DOS attack
  • Fixed problem of Call Logs paging display on GUI