Firmware Version 1.0.5 Patch 1 available for Zycoo CooVox Series Hybrid IPPBX

Firmware Version 1.0.5 Patch 1 for the CooVox range is available for download from the Zycoo Website. The patch is mainly bug fixtures but their are a few new features as well. One being the ability to select ‘allow guest’ from within the GUI. This was a feature which we had requested as many UK Sip providers send inbound unauthenticated calls from various different ip addresses which results in the pbx dropping the calls as unauthorised.

Your CooVox unit needs to be at firmware 1.0.5 before the patch can be applied. Full details of the release is detailed below:

Background Fixed

(1)    PNP force close
(2)    Corresponding directory will be added in the background automatically when upgrading through web or uploading extension user’s
(3)    Pickup specified extension feature error
(4)    Pinset error in DialRule
(5)    Email protocol format that Email to FAX supports

Background Added

(6)    Follow  me  and  call  forward  configuration  are  automatically deleted  when deleting the extension
(7)    Static route setting of virtual interface address
(8)    Batch upload & download for Callgroup and pickupgroup on User Extentions page

GUI Fixed

(9)    “Pickup group” changed as manual input for more group numbers
(10)    Voice mail function cannot be modified

GUI Added

(11)    French system language
(12)    Spanish system language
(13)    Options for more local network configuration settingts in global SIP configuration
(14)    “Allow Guest” option in global SIP variables