First Glimpse of the New CooVox range of IPPBX systems from Zycoo

Zycoo unveiled their new CooVox IPPBX range at the Cebit exhibition in Hannover Germany. The range has been designed to co-exist with the current ZX Series range of IPPBX’s and not as a direct replacement. 

The CooVox range comprises three models, which are the the U20,  U50 and U100.

The picture below shows the U100 model which can be rack-mounted. The U100 supports two quick release modules which each comprise either 4 x analogue, 4 x BRI, 4 x GSM or 1 x PRI.


u100 CooVox pbx

The new U20 can be seen to the right of the image below and will come in a fixed format in various combinations of analogue and GSM. The U50 to the left is modular in the same manner as the U100 and also supports two cards and is rack mountable.


u50 ippbx CooVox

Some of the main additions to the range include:

  • Asterisk Version 1.8
  • Increased power of CPU
  • Support for SD cards
  • IPV6 Support
  • VPN Client and Server
  • Built in firewall and enhanced security features
  • SMS to email
  • Fax to email

We are expecting the first test models around April and our first production models around May 2013.