Grandstream Version Firmware for GXE50xx Series Appliances

Grandstream has released version BETA firmware for the GXE50xx series IP appliance. This can be downloaded here

Here’s the official release note:

Dear Grandstream Customers, Release for GXE5000(GXE5024 and GXE5028) is now available for BETA test. The release contains following items:

  • Firmware
  • Release Note for
  • Spanish Voice Prompt File
  • User Manual

Following are some key features and bug fixes compare with current official release

  • BLF bug fixes.
  • Major SIP Trunk Interoperability issues.
  • Some SIP Stack fixes.
  • Behind the NAT Options.
  • Improved Voicemail Process
  • More debugging capabilities
  • Other Misc fixes, please review Release note for more detail.

Note that for existing already configured system, if you need to change the voice prompts to Spanish or update some prompts, you can use following two methods:

Just upload the “” in the Spanish zip file to the system, instead of gxe50xxpv.bin file. (Recommended)

Save the configuration and back up all system files and then reset the GXE5000 and then upload the “gxe50xxpv.bin” file(Spanish one).

Please be advised that this is still a BETA firmware and please read the release note carefully before test or put it into production. We understand that there might be many questions related to this product, please do not hesitate to contact, or for faster response, post your issues and questions to

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