How to enable Video Support on Positron Telecom Appliance or Blade

Support for video codecs H263 or H264 is not enabled by default on the Positron Telecom range of business phone systems. This will need to be enabled if you intend to use the PBX’s with for instance video phones or door entry phones. A step by step guide to enabling this feature is detailed below. This example is taken from a Positron G122 running the latest GUI.

Select PBX Settings from the GUI Menu

positron PBX setting menu

Tick SIP Video

Positron G122 SIP Video setting


and select Save

Save SIP Video on Positron appliance


Select User Template from GUI Menu


edit template on Positron blade


Select edit on the chosen template

edit template setting for telephone system


Select prefered Video Codec


h263, h263p and h264 codecs


Save settings


save video codecs asterisk appliance


and finally apply the configuration to the system


apply config

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