How to handle NAT traversal issues when deploying the GXE502x IPPBX

Grandstream are holding a webcast for those of you interested in overcoming NAT issues with the GXE series PBX appliances. Details are as follows:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT

  • Join Grandstream for a discussion on how to mitigate NAT traversal issues when deploying the GXE502x IP PBX. Topics covered will include:
  • How to deal with the NAT traversal when deploying the GXE502x behind another router
  • How to support remote teleworkers working from behind home routers over the Internet
  • How to support peer-office GXE502x IP PBX systems that are deployed behind routers
  • -What is UPnP, how it works with the GXE502x and what are the limitations
  • What major SMB routers on the market have been successfully against the GXE502x on UPnP
  • What is STUN, how it works on GXE502x and when we consider using it.
  • Other tactics in dealing with NAT traversals

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