New Firmware for Atcom PBX released – New GUI and New Features

The firmware for the Atcom range of IPPBX’s (IP01, IP02, IP04, IP08, IP2G4A and IP4G) has been released.


As mentioned in a previous blog, this is a major upgrade of the Kernel and has a brand new GUI and new version of Asterisk. Due to the major changes involved, the upgrade process is more intense than you would normally associate with an Atcom firmware update. For a start, you need to perform the upgrade over the Atcom’s serial port using an RS232 cable.


Once this first upgrade has been performed, all future upgrades can be performed through the Web GUI.


Atcom’s approach with this new firmware is to encourage all configuration to take place through the GUI and therefore if you require a great deal of custom configuration which can’t be undertaken through the GUI then you are probably better remaining on your existing firmware.

An upgrade and downgrade manual can be found below:


APBX Firmware Upgrade Manual


APBX Firmware Downgrade Manual


The new firmware is available on the downloads section of the Atcom website.

You require the Kernel – UImage file and also the APBX-latest.crc file.


We have undertaken some initial testing of the firmware and so far so good. One of the things we were keen to check was connectivity to the PSTN and on initial tests we found the quality pretty good and UK Callerid worked every time.


All current stock is running the old firmware but as from today we will authorise Atcom to ship future orders with this firmware.