New firmware released for Positron Telecom G122 G124 and G1212

Positron Telecom has released a new firmware for their analogue range of appliances (G122, G124, G1212)The firmware includes their new quick start configuration GUI that provides a wizard to allow customers to quickly and easily configure their telephone system. This feature will be added to the rest of the Positron range shortly.

Date: November 4, 2011

Change Log G124-1.0008

  • Critical: Please make sure a backup is created and downloaded to your PC before upgrading to this version
  • Critical: During this upgrade, All SIP/IAX trunks between positron boxes using the new firmware and an old firmware might not work any more. It is recommended to upgrade both the Positron Boxes and use the remote office’s feature to connect them.If you need any assistance, please email or call – +1-514-664-4719
  • Critical: Ensure ethernet cables from Port 4 and (port 1/2/3) do not go to the same Network switch
  • Feature: Implementation of a New Wizard for configuring a factory default Positron Gateway
  • Feature: Snom, Yealink and aastra phones are supported via Phone provisioning
  • Feature: Predefined Phone Templates for Snom, Yealink and aastra phones
  • Feature: Remote Office to link Two positron Gateways
  • Feature: Add “Hot Keys” tab to the user-level GUI Feature: Add ‘Console’ and ‘Command’ tabs to the Diagnostics page
  • Feature: Allow ring extension before forwarding to extension for users
  • Feature: Dial-in feature used to connect to the Positron Gateway using a phone line to make changes
  • Bug: Remove Evaluation G729 Codec
  • Bug: Revised DHCP server
  • Bug: Port 4 is always set to WAN, while Port 3 is used to monitor/sniff WAN/LAN ports
  • Bug: Fix webserver crash Bug: changed the System –> Recordings page
  • Bug: Use extension ring time when forwarding to an external number
  • Bug: VoIP Provider Configuration simplified
  • Bug: Registration Timer value 3600 added under PBX –> PBX Settings –> SIP
  • Bug: Change default callerid to unknown as customers see asterisk on their phone
  • Bug: Move Ring Groups to Incoming Call Features and Conference Bridge to PBX menu
  • Bug: Phone Provisioning MAC addresses are changed to upperCase
  • Bug: New VoIP provider ‘Pan-Orion’ added to the provider list. Bug: virtual Voicemail boxes are now listed with ‘Voicemail Box’ type