New Positron G1000 IP-PBX Released – 150 Concurrent Calls

Positron Telecom has released its new Asterisk based ippbx system, designed for larger installations with support for 150 concurrent calls.

The G-1000 Office Telephone system by Positron Telecom provide businesses with 250 employees or more a scalable and affordable Business Phone System that takes advantage of all the latest features and functionality and combines them into an easy to manage and configure device. Backed by our free support service, multilingual user configuration and auto configuration phone application, businesses will be content for years to come.

Positron believes it should be easy for you to choose a Business Phone System so we make it as simple as possible. There are no hidden extras, no support fee, we support a multitude of phone manufacturers and we don’t limit the configuration.

The G-1000 provides a very unique feature set for its price point in the market offering over 150 simultaneous calls and the ability to sustain 60 simultaneous call recordings when combined with the ability to add unlimited extensions and unlimited IVRs it is hard to compete against this powerful offering.

Not only will the Positron G-Series Office Gateways save you money but we will also help your corporate image by allowing you to easily configure and customize you voice prompts, welcome messages and call flow through the system. This will allows customers to stay happy and reach the right person quickly and easily.

The G-1000 is sold as an ip only unit but By adding a V-Series adapter into the PCI slot you can add PSTN, ISDN or E1/T1 interfaces. Please select these options when selecting your product.



positron g1000 ippbx


Applications: Enterprise Phone System / Inbound Call Center


  • Installs simply and quickly
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited IVR menus
  • Unlimited Virtual Mailboxes
  • Call record 60 calls
  • 150 Simultaneous calls
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Support
  • Supports VoIP out of the box ­ no upgrades required
  • Multilingual ­ English, French, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Compatible with any 3G USB device, which can offer automatic Internet failover protection
  • High Performance embedded CPU at 1.3Ghz
  • Single PCI slot of V-Series adapters



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