New Zycoo CooVox Features – User Portal

We have received the first of the new Zycoo CooVox range of PBX systems which are now undergoing extensive testing. There are quite a few new features in the Coovox which compliment those already available in the ZX Series (the CooVox isn’t replacing the ZX Series). I plan to post some of these features over the coming weeks.


The first major feature change that I really like is the introduction of a user portal so that each user of the system can manage their personal settings.


The ability to define whether a user has this feature is set on the user extension. A user logs into the portal using their extension number and password and once logged in they are directed to the Record list screen below which details any call recordings made against their extension.




Voice-mail screen below allows a user to manage their voice-mails.




Call forward screen allows a user to set conditional rules on how calls are forwarded.


call forward



Follow me screen allows a user to enable the follow me feature and defines a list of end points where calls should be routed.


follow me

Settings tabs allows call waiting and Do not disturb features to be set.



Finally, the send fax screen enables a user to utilise another new CooVox feature, the built in Fax Server.


send fax