PIKA µFirewall VoIP Firewall Important Notice – Firewall Update Firmware (

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An issue has been identified with the VoIP firewall (running firmware version or earlier) in which certain conditions cause the blocking of all traffic with the LEDs on the unit remaining green or in even more rare scenarios delayed packets.

We recommend all firewalls be updated to the new firmware below – version . The upgrade procedure is performed with the insertion of a FAT formatted USB memory key and requires physical access to the VoIP firewall. The upgrade procedure can be found below.

µFirewall Firmware Upgrade Procedure:

Upgrade of the firmware is manually updated with a copy of the firmware on a USB stick. The firmware can be downloaded from the following link – uFirewall Firmware Update

Copy this firmware file to the root folder of a USB stick (FAT formatted). Power on the µFirewall and wait until all the green LEDs light up. Now stick the USB key into the free USB port on the device. The upgrade can take some time so please be patient.

The lights will blink when the USB is inserted. After approximately 2 minutes, the lights will go dark as the unit reboots and then the lights will light back up again. You should leave the USB key in the µFirewall at this point. After approximately 30 seconds you should see the RED/GREEN LEDs blink back and forth to confirm the upgrade is completed. Once the LEDs go all GREEN again, you can remove the USB key. A demonstration of this upgrade procedure can be seen on the PIKA Technologies YouTube channel.

To confirm the upgrade was successful you can confirm the version in the collected log files on the USB key. The version string in the ‘uWARP/logfiles/uwarp-version.txt’ file on the USB key should contain: “BUILD_VERSION =”


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Zycoo CooVox IPPBX System



Introducing the new CooVox range of IPPBX systems from Zycoo. This advanced hybrid IPPBX system is designed for businesses of 1 to 500 extensions and offers advanced features including, call recording, fax to email and conference rooms. There are no licensing restrictions or costs associated with the CooVox range and you only pay the initial unit cost. Upgrades to the system can be downloaded free of charge from the Zycoo website. CooVox is available in three models…..U20 is a mini PBX and has optional support for UMTS 3G connectivity…..U50 is the mid range system and supports up to 100 extensions….U100 supports up to 500 extension and like the U50 is modular in design, enabling you to select the modules you require (FXO / FXS / GSM/ BRI / PRI)

Prices start from an amazing £158 plus VAT! Click here to view the full range


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Zycoo CooVox Release Date Confirmed as 25th September 2013



coovox launch date


Zycoo has announced that the 25th September 2013 will be the official launch date for the CooVox series IPPBX. CooVox has been designed to compliment the existing ZX Series and benefits from enhancement in both hardware and software.

Major changes in terms of hardware include the U50 and U100 being modular in design and can be customised to meet customer requirements for analogue, digital and 3G connectivity. The U20 has optional 3G capability. U50 and U100 modules also have optional hardware echo cancellation unit. From a software perspective, the CooVox range is based around Asterisk 1.8 and introduces a host of new features.

We will be working over the next couple of weeks on publishing pricing and additional information on the range. CooVox Models

  • U20-A211 – 1 x FXS and 1 x FXO with optional 3G Module and
  • 4GB storage
  • U20-A202 – 2 x FXO with optional 3G Module and 4GB storage
  • U20-A220 – 2 x FXS with optional 3G Module and 4GB storage
  • U50 – No modules and 4GB Storage
  • U100 – No modules and 500Gb Storage


  • 2GSM – 2 GSM trunk module for SMS/Voice (For U50/100 only)
  • 4GSM – 4 GSM trunk module for SMS/Voice (For U50/100 only)
  • 4FXO – 4FXO module with 4 FXO interface (For U50/100 only)
  • 4FXS – 4FXS module with 4 FXS interface (For U50/100 only)
  • 2FXOS – 2FXOS module with 2FXO and 2FXS interface (For U50/100 only)
  • 4BRI – 4BRI module with 4 BRI interface (For U50/100 only)
  • 1E1/T1 – 1E1/T1 module with 1E1 or T1 interface (For U50/100 only)
  • UMTS – UMTS module for 3G WCDMA data access (For U20 / U50 / U100)
  • 32EC – Echo Cancellation module with 32 interface (ForU50/100 only)


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Atcom Version 2 APBX Firmware released for Atcom IP0x range of IPPBX Systems

atcom logo

Atcom has released new firmware for the Atcom IP0x series IPPBX’s and is available for download from the Atcom website. We’ve not had a chance to test the firmware yet at first glance it does have a new GUI (the second in a month!) and also, finally, some support for autoprovisioning of endpoints. Full details of the release are detailed below:

Release Version – V2.0

Release Date – 16 – 08 – 2013

*New Features:
1  – New-style GUI
2  – Extensible storage interface
3  – Enhanced callback
4  – VPN client of PPTP feature
5  – Auto provision
6  – Factory Reset with HW key 7  – Personal portal for call recording
8  – Video support
9  – Syslog support
10 – Transparent call forwarding for follow me
11 – Send messages by e-mail only
12 – Ignore call forward on phone function in Ring Group
13 – Enhanced MOH
14 – FXO/FXS gain adjustment for echo

atcom pbx 2

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New Atcom APBX – Important Update

atcom logo

Important Note August 2012

As mentioned in previous blogs,  Atcom has recently released a totally new firmware for their IP0x range which includes a new Kernel. This firmware is based on Asterisk version 1.8 and has a totally new GUI.

We are now in transition to implementing this new firmware across the atcom range and will have a period of time where some existing stock has old firmware (which some customers may still require). During this transition period, you can select the firmware you require when ordering through the website. Due to the work involved in updating to the new firmware, please expect a 24 hour delay in shipment for customers selecting new firmware.

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New Firmware for Atcom PBX released – New GUI and New Features

atcom logo

The firmware for the Atcom range of IPPBX’s (IP01, IP02, IP04, IP08, IP2G4A and IP4G) has been released.


As mentioned in a previous blog, this is a major upgrade of the Kernel and has a brand new GUI and new version of Asterisk. Due to the major changes involved, the upgrade process is more intense than you would normally associate with an Atcom firmware update. For a start, you need to perform the upgrade over the Atcom’s serial port using an RS232 cable.


Once this first upgrade has been performed, all future upgrades can be performed through the Web GUI.


Atcom’s approach with this new firmware is to encourage all configuration to take place through the GUI and therefore if you require a great deal of custom configuration which can’t be undertaken through the GUI then you are probably better remaining on your existing firmware.

An upgrade and downgrade manual can be found below:


APBX Firmware Upgrade Manual


APBX Firmware Downgrade Manual


The new firmware is available on the downloads section of the Atcom website.

You require the Kernel – UImage file and also the APBX-latest.crc file.


We have undertaken some initial testing of the firmware and so far so good. One of the things we were keen to check was connectivity to the PSTN and on initial tests we found the quality pretty good and UK Callerid worked every time.


All current stock is running the old firmware but as from today we will authorise Atcom to ship future orders with this firmware.

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Firmware update for Zycoo ZX-20 and ZX-50 Series IPPBX


Zycoo has released a minor firmware update for the ZX Series IPPBX systems. The firmware adds new features to prevent some types of Denial of Service attacks, and although this doesn’t negate the need to protect your PBX with a decent firewall, it does offer a better experience for unprotected systems.

Details of the firmware release are:

Firmware Version:V.3.2.2—->V.3.2.3 [ZX50 Series] – V.1.2.2—->V.1.2.3 [ ZX20 Series]

  • Added settings for access rights to web from WAN port or SSH.
  • Fixed IE10 compatibility issue when updating GUI.
  • Added “Dial by Name” to  IVR
  • Fixed issue where conference recordings cannot be queried
  • Added the option “Send Caller ID After” to the “Global Analog Settings” page
  • Added functionality to prevent illegal SIP Invite DOS attack
  • Fixed problem of Call Logs paging display on GUI

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Preview of New Atcom IP0x Firmware

atcom logo

Atcom will shortly release a major firmware update that introduces a brand new GUI as well as many new features. The screen shot below details the new interface.

new firmware

One of the new features is the introduction of a user portal that allows users to view voice-mails and personalise settings including call forwarding.







The screen shot below details the new queue configuration screen



There are also quite a few enhancements to the security features of the box, including better logging and the introduction of a firewall.


The screen shot below details the IP restriction screen where you can define the networks that can securely connect to the device.


ip restrictions

IP Trunks can be password protected as shown below to ensure only trusted users are making calls over external trunks.


outbound security

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New Zycoo CooVox Features – User Portal


We have received the first of the new Zycoo CooVox range of PBX systems which are now undergoing extensive testing. There are quite a few new features in the Coovox which compliment those already available in the ZX Series (the CooVox isn’t replacing the ZX Series). I plan to post some of these features over the coming weeks.


The first major feature change that I really like is the introduction of a user portal so that each user of the system can manage their personal settings.


The ability to define whether a user has this feature is set on the user extension. A user logs into the portal using their extension number and password and once logged in they are directed to the Record list screen below which details any call recordings made against their extension.




Voice-mail screen below allows a user to manage their voice-mails.




Call forward screen allows a user to set conditional rules on how calls are forwarded.


call forward



Follow me screen allows a user to enable the follow me feature and defines a list of end points where calls should be routed.


follow me

Settings tabs allows call waiting and Do not disturb features to be set.



Finally, the send fax screen enables a user to utilise another new CooVox feature, the built in Fax Server.


send fax

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First Glimpse of the New CooVox range of IPPBX systems from Zycoo


Zycoo unveiled their new CooVox IPPBX range at the Cebit exhibition in Hannover Germany. The range has been designed to co-exist with the current ZX Series range of IPPBX’s and not as a direct replacement. 

The CooVox range comprises three models, which are the the U20,  U50 and U100.

The picture below shows the U100 model which can be rack-mounted. The U100 supports two quick release modules which each comprise either 4 x analogue, 4 x BRI, 4 x GSM or 1 x PRI.


u100 CooVox pbx

The new U20 can be seen to the right of the image below and will come in a fixed format in various combinations of analogue and GSM. The U50 to the left is modular in the same manner as the U100 and also supports two cards and is rack mountable.


u50 ippbx CooVox

Some of the main additions to the range include:

  • Asterisk Version 1.8
  • Increased power of CPU
  • Support for SD cards
  • IPV6 Support
  • VPN Client and Server
  • Built in firewall and enhanced security features
  • SMS to email
  • Fax to email

We are expecting the first test models around April and our first production models around May 2013.

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