PIKA µFirewall VoIP Firewall Important Notice – Firewall Update Firmware (

An issue has been identified with the VoIP firewall (running firmware version or earlier) in which certain conditions cause the blocking of all traffic with the LEDs on the unit remaining green or in even more rare scenarios delayed packets.

We recommend all firewalls be updated to the new firmware below – version . The upgrade procedure is performed with the insertion of a FAT formatted USB memory key and requires physical access to the VoIP firewall. The upgrade procedure can be found below.

µFirewall Firmware Upgrade Procedure:

Upgrade of the firmware is manually updated with a copy of the firmware on a USB stick. The firmware can be downloaded from the following link – uFirewall Firmware Update

Copy this firmware file to the root folder of a USB stick (FAT formatted). Power on the µFirewall and wait until all the green LEDs light up. Now stick the USB key into the free USB port on the device. The upgrade can take some time so please be patient.

The lights will blink when the USB is inserted. After approximately 2 minutes, the lights will go dark as the unit reboots and then the lights will light back up again. You should leave the USB key in the µFirewall at this point. After approximately 30 seconds you should see the RED/GREEN LEDs blink back and forth to confirm the upgrade is completed. Once the LEDs go all GREEN again, you can remove the USB key. A demonstration of this upgrade procedure can be seen on the PIKA Technologies YouTube channel.

To confirm the upgrade was successful you can confirm the version in the collected log files on the USB key. The version string in the ‘uWARP/logfiles/uwarp-version.txt’ file on the USB key should contain: “BUILD_VERSION =”