Sneak Preview of Zycoo Version 3.2 Firmware Release

With the soon to be released Version 3.2 Firmware for the Zycoo ZX50 Series IP-PBX, here’s a preview of some of the additional features that have been added to the product.



New Features in Version 3.2

New features within the Web GUI

Home Page

  • “Display status” for channel interfaces has been added to the home page. The working status of each channel will be displayed in real-time. Colour coding for this feature is as follows: In use=Green; Not used=Orange; Fault=Gray.

Basic – Extensions Page

  • A random password will now be generated automatically when an extension is created. This feature will increase the security of the device and encourage the creation of strong passwords.
  • The facility to import and export user extensions to a file of csv format

Basic – Outbound Routes Page

  • The ZX Series IP PBX system will generate a name for any new DialPlan that is created. This name can be modified as required.

Inbound Control – IVR Page

  • The ability to forward calls to the voice mail of an extension has been added as a “key Action”.

Advanced – Options – Global Analog Settings

  • Added – enable the configuration of different variations of CID signaling e.g. BELL-US /DTMF /V23/V23-JP
  • Added – additional analogue interface configuration options including opermode (FXO mode)

Advanced – Options – Global SIP Settings Page

  • Inbound SIP Registrations – Added “SIP register failed times” field to allow control the number of failed register attempts   Inbound SIP Registrations – Added Block time field to allow control of unauthorised registration attempts – Use in association with “SIP register failed times”  Advanced – PhoneBook Page
  • Added the feature to import and export (upload and download) a phone book in csv format

Advanced – Feature Codes Page

  • Added feature codes to allow a user to control the forwarding of calls on their phone extension.

Status – Recording List Page

  • Find an extension call recording by specifying a time period. Find a conference call recording by specifying a time period

System – Network & Country Page

  • Added HTTP Port settings to allow the user to change the port setting used to access the WEB GUI.
  • Added the ability to enable or disable remote administration via the Web GUI over the WAN port”

System – Network Advanced

  • Added VPN-L2TP static route configuration.

System – Management Page

  • Added “SIP Registers Allowed” tab. This feature allows the creation of trusted ip address’s System – Update Page
  • Now supports http and tftp as methods for updating the ZX Series firmware

New security features for the Zx Series IPPBX
The following features have been added to increase security of the Zx Series IPPBX.

1 – Background management restricted to SSH registrations only.

2 – Failed registration attempts are dealt with in the following manner by default

  • If the registered IP address of the client device is in the same network segment as the WAN port eth0 address or LAN port eth1 address then the system will assume the IP is within a trusted IP range. Therefore, on failed registration, it will not be forbidden from registering for a 20 minute period as would be the case if the registration originated from an untrusted IP Range.
  • If the client IP address is not from a trusted IP source and failed registration attempts total over 8 times in 20 minutes, then the system will forbid this IP for 20 minutes. Once the forbidden time has expired, then the failed attempts count is reset and the client can attempt registration again (failed registration attempts total over 8 times in 20 minutes rule still applies

3 – How malicious registration attempts are managed

  • When client malicious registration times≧ 10 times per second, the IP will be forbidden for 10 minutes (default)

4 – Extension random cipher.

  • When the PBX is released from manufacture or a customer resets the PBX to factory default, the extension’s cipher is set to a random cipher of 10 characters.(The characters include letter, digit or specific symbol)

Basic security considerations when installing and configuring the ZX Series IPPBX.

1 -Users should change the default SSH management password to a random complex password. This will increase the security of the system and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

2 -Users should change default admin account and password to increase the security of the GUI interface and reduce the risk of unauthorised system access.

3 -Please do not set simple passwords for extensions. It is recommended that you use the default random password for increased security.