Zycoo Release Firmware Version 1.0.5 Patch 2 for U20 and U50 CooVox Series IPPBX

Zycoo has today released firmware version 1.0.5 Patch 2 for their U20 and U50 CooVox Series IPPBX systems. Patch 2 is a combination of new features and bug fixes. If you are using BRI and/or IAX protocol then this release fixes some memory leak issues identified by a number of customers so is worth applying for this alone.

Added features include:

  • 1. Wider language support
  • 2. Support Auto-Provision feature for Akuvox and Escene phones.
  • 3. Added search method based on caller/callee number on record list page.
  • 4. Recording list can be paged.
  • 5. Group members’ extensions in ring group can be configured as the “Ring group number”
  • 6. System will remind “whether to delete the recording files” when deleting the monitored extension from Call Recording page
  • 7. Added fax list page for both admin and extension user web GUI.
  • 8. Added PPI(P-Preferred-Identity) in outbound SIP signaling; it is one way of the outbound callerid of sip trunk
  • 9. Added tcpdump command for capturing packet
  • 10. Added macros in Custom options of PNP function, ${MAC} = MAC address

A full list of changes and additions can be found here

Patch 2 can be downloaded from Zycoo Website here

Firmware notes – This patch is for upgrade CooVox-U20, U50 V1.0.5 only. If your firmware version is lower than V1.0.5, please upgrade it first to V1.0.5 patch 1 level and clear the browser cache to display the firmware version correctly.